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In June 2020 we celebrate 20 years Emission Labs!

for this occasion we are building a Special Edition 2A3 tube, the 2A3-Mesh-Globe. Globe tubes are for us more time consuming to build, because there is not this "shoulder" as with ST shaped tubes, which is used to attach and center the inner system. This again, at the same time however, is the virtue of such tubes! The mechanical contact of the inner system to the glass is very loose, so any mechanical coupling of the glass to the tube inside, is reduced. Yet most of all, they look very nice. Quantities produced, will not be very high. First tubes are expected in End of May 2020.

Anniversary Edition - 2A3-Mesh-Globe

Yamamoto A08-S Amplifier with Emission Labs tubes

EML45, burning in Yamamoto A08-S amplifier

We are changing to this new website design - It was necessary after using the old website since almost 20 years. All pages will be renewed in the coming months. Right now, a few pages are still the old.

This is the official home page of Emission Labs ®. We produce Directly Heated Tubes tubes, in our own factory in the Czech Republic,since 2001. Today, we depend on no other company for our production, meaning we have virtually any process in house. This ranges from glazing our own tube bases, to producing our own cathode wire and emission chemicals. The sound quality, lifetime and reliability our products is best reflected by the five years extended warranty, which program we have successfully started in 2013.