Receive Information via Twitter or Facebook

Via Twitter:

We use Twitter for sending news. Discretion with Twitter is very high, because you can choose there: Only receive messages from people I know. Also you can land on nobodies mailing list without your own permission. Twitter is ideal to stay spam free. Please register yourself there, you will like it when you are new

Link to Twitter

Via Facebook

Here is a link to private facebook group, which is managed by Jesper Ilm in Denmark. We have no influence on the contents. Feel free to sign up for the group on facebook.

Link to Facebook

Why we did so:

Classic mailing lists have become a problem, because of free email accounts. These accounts are not fee at all. You pay with your privacy. They can find out your operating system, monitor size, GPS location, what items do you write about, what are people do you know, etc. They store each and every email you send or received ever since, and delete nothing.

From this data base, they can extract any data whatsoever from texts and documents, with algorithms which get stronger every year. I regard it a threat. Read more about it....