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Guarantee program for first owner.

At EML we have the normal guarantee. In addition to that, the first owner can register the tube within 4 weeks after receival, at the Emission Labs website, to participate in the 5 years guarantee program.

Our Guarantee conditions

Register here for the 5years guarantee

Gold Grid

We have added a gold grid to all EML tubes, some time ago, also to the 45. Very few NOS tubes have this. You can see the gold color of the grid wire when you look into the tube in the sunlight. The gold grid will give better bias stability, and you will may see the EML tubes bias perfectly right out of the box, and no bias change during burn in. Also read the next table 'features'. As an overall total result, the standard 45 is a no compromise replacement for the original RCA 45. Check also the 45-mesh data sheet.


  • Nano Ampere range grid current, vs NOS tubes which can have sometimes 2uA.
  • Cathode Tapped filament
  • 30% lower distortion compared to any other 45. Read here.
  • Hard metal Construction (Note1)
  • Extra large getters
  • Hand blown Glass bulb
  • Anti-microphonic Anode- and grid suspension
  • These tubes are shipped in a high quality dual box
  • Tube printing with real gold (metal), red color is glass burned into the glass
  • YAMAMOTO tube sockets highly recommended.
  • Gold Plated pins, black ceramic socket. (White bottom.)


RGN2504 Mechanical Data


Size including Socket
(but excluding pins)

145 x 58 mm

Weight of one tube:
140 Gram

Shipment weight for
pair in gift box:
700 Gram

Pin 1: Heater1
Pin 4: Heater2
Pin2: Anode
Pin3: Grid