RGN2504 Data Sheet

This tube feature a series connected filament for both diodes together, which has certain advantages.

This tube can supply 200mA with a C-L-C filter. 


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Guarantee program for first owner.

At EML we have the normal guarantee. In addition to that, the first owner can register the tube within 4 weeks after receival, at the Emission Labs website, to participate in the 5 years guarantee program.

Our Guarantee conditions

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RGN2504 Filament Ratings

Filament Voltage
4Volt (AC or DC)
Tolerance on filament voltage
Filament Current

RGN2504 Maximum Conditions

AC input (*2) 2x 300V 2x 400V 2x 500V
DC output 200mA 150mA 120mA
First Capacitor 60uF 50uF 50uF
Transformer minimum DC resistance (*1) 2x 70R 2x 100R 2x 120R
*1) This is minimum value. If transformer DC resistance is too low, a series resistors must be used.

*2) For each other transformer voltage, maximum allowed DC output current is calculated as follows:

I (in mA) = 60000 / Transformer AC voltage


RGN2504 Mechanical Data

Size including Socket
(but excluding pins)

145 x 58 mm

Weight of one tube: 140 Gram

Shipment weight for pair in gift box: 350 Gram

Pin 1: Anode1
Pin 4: Anode2
Pin2: Filament
Pin3: Filament