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The AT1000 stand alone mode
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In the so called stand alone mode, this tester is more like a tube checker and not an instrument. You can not select the operating point as required. So you get errors and wrong results before you realize it. Changing the data table inside your tester, is possible but means to flash the software inside the tester completely. This has a risk to damage the software. If that happens, you would need to send it to Amplitrex for repair. So we talk here about so called stand alone mode, where you read the results in the tester's display. This mode is unqualified to test EML tubes. In the display would be shown 'Emission in percent', which is so wrong, we don't even understand what this is supposed to mean. Another error of the stand alone mode, transconductance is measured at a random Anode current, which makes the result is quite meaningless.

Transconductance can should only be measured at the data sheet SPECIFIED Anode current, and no other.

All in all the stand alone mode is only useful if you don't own a PC.

Better is to use the computer mode.


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