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How to get the AT1000 in the computer mode
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  1. class="Standard-Text">Important: FIrst do this, when you are outside the USA.
  2. class="Standard-Text">Install the Amplitrex 'tube test' program. Do not forget the settings of the .ini file, but that is all described in the AT1000 manual.
  3. class="Standard-Text">Start the tube test program, first without tester. The program should complain 'Unable to open Com port'. Click ok.
  4. class="Standard-Text">If the program starts now, it seems installed. Click the EXIT button. So the program stops.
  5. class="Standard-Text">While switching it on the AT1000, press the 'LEFT ARROW' at the same time. WHen the tester has booted, let go the Arrow key. Then click the Arrow Keys again, and again, until you reach the computer test mode. The press Enter, and that's it. The AT1000 is now waiting for instructions by the 'tube test' program.
  6. class="Standard-Text">Start the program. The complaint 'Unable to open Com port' should not come now. This means tester and program are connected.

After the above is done, you can enter 300B in the tube test software, and you should be able to switch on and off the heater. You can do this without a tube inserted, but you will see the tester display respond, and the program itself too. If that doesn't work, do not continue below, but fix this first.

Note: When you have an RS232 tester, using an USB to RS232 cable, this cable needs to be installed too, with the install program that belongs to the cable. Try all four COM ports, as some of those cables do not use port COM1 by default, but COM1, COM3 or COM4. If so, you can pre-configure this in the AT1000 ini file, so you don't have to do this every time you start up the tester.

So after you can apparently switch on and off the tube heater, the tester is ready to go, and you can continue with the rest:

Make a directory on your computer, where you will save the settings that we are creating here.


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