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This emission labs website is only for product

Sales is via these companies:


Worldwide sales, and Sales to companies:

Horber Steige 25, D-72172 Muehlheim, Germany

Mobile Phone: 0049-1755382641

Website - Email


End users: USA

Contact: George Lenz

Telephone: New York (516) 902-3334
Website - Email


End users: USA

Music Reference / RAM Tube Works
Provides top-quality power amps and pre-amps
and the finest custom-matched tubes in the world. 

Contact: Roger Modjeski

Telephone: California (805) 687-2236
Website - Email


End users: CHINA

1215, No.1 Shangdi Shije, Beijing

Contact: He Ning2

Telephone: 0086-15611664311
Website -Email


End users: JAPAN

726 Sakaki-tyo Ono-city Hyogo 675-1323 Japan

Contact: Shigeki Yamamoto

Tel 81-794-62-5655
Fax 81-794-63-6405
Website - Email

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