This is a limited production of the 45-GLOBE. We build it as a 10 years anniversary project. The tube is as original as we could make them, with floating system inside, and smallest glass bulb possible.



This is a special tube, because the Anode (Anode) system is not attached to the glass bulb at any position. Neither at the bottom, nor at the top. So the only physical connection to the outside world is via two small bars, that are also the electrical connection. These are the two small bars you can see at an angle of 45° coming out through the glass. The three other (mid position) bars you can see coming through the glass are not connected directly to the Anode. These are for the grid and the filament, and are attached with flexible foil. The foil will greatly reduce mechanical coupling to the grid and filament. So indeed the whole tube system is solidly connected only at two points.

The good part of this is, the minimal acoustical from the outside world into the tube. There is always some small 50 (60) Hz mechanical hum present on the amplifier chassis, coming from the mains transformer. Also acoustical coupling from the air (=loudspeakers) via the glass is reduced. Last but not least the globe tubes simply look nice :)

Please note, very good care needs to be used when shipping these, since the classical way to connect the Anodes to the glass is also a shipment protection. So when ordering those, please choose insured shipment. In case you do have a shipment issue, it will be the Anode system being 4...8 degrees off axis. However this can be easily corrected by gently tapping on the front or the back of the tube. Actually this is the same procedure as with NOS Globe tubes.

Well, we hope you will like these, and if as successful as the previous series we made in 2003, we are all going to be very satisfied



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For the data sheet the normal EML45 data sheet applies


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