45 Globe limited version is not an official product. We made a large batch in 2010.

BUT.... even when officially not in the program,
sometimes we build a few, when there is some spare time.

Please ask if you are interested. They may be mesh or solid plate.

Below is the original text of 2010, and it is how our website looked like at the time.

Time flies!

2010 marked ten years since we started production of our electron tubes. It was on a very small scale, and not all of the tools and machines were our own. As a start-up company, we had many hiccups and struggles at the onset, but we persevered. Now, almost ten years later, we have a bustling and healthy facility in Prague, with every production step in-house, along with computerized final testing. With all of this, we continue to grow our business.

The difference between then and now is huge, and we couldn't have done it without you, our customers, distributors and friends.  Thank you all for helping to make this possible. I think we were successful just because of the strong support in the first two years by some well-known people in the tube scene, and some very active distributors who sold our products with heart and soul.

Perhaps some of you remember back in 2003 we had a limited production of the 45 Globe. It was a special project based on the initiative of some of our US customers, who also helped us with the logistics(Thanks Ed S.) The 45 tube is one of the few original historical tubes that can be found in the old globe versions. Unfortunately though, with the historical 45 Globe tubes, these are always used, and strong ones are just very rare. So, logically there have always been requests to re-build the globe version. However, this is difficult to do since there is no mechanical contact of the internal construction with the glass. For us, this means while closing the glass, the Anode is not always in the desired position inside the glass envelope, and it raises production costs. Additionally, more emphasis is placed on the final packing requirements for transporting the tubes. So these are the circumstances for producing 'real' globe tubes that have a 'true' floating system inside. It does not apply to the semi globe tubes that some manufacturers make which have the internal system still attached to the glass.

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, we have produced a limited stock of the historical 45 Globes, the ones with a floating system inside. They are truly
special. When they are sold out, we will not produce more other than for guarantees.


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