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Create set up files for EML tubes
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  1. Click the button called "Function" and then under "Biasing" choose "Fixed". (The "test" button stays at "Timed")
  2. To test a 300B or any 300B alike tube, first call the 300B tube by entering "300B"
  3. Create a set up file, for instance for 300B-XLS, by clicking the "set up" button and save the screen as "300B-XLS". Use an intelligent location to save, which is NOT the amplitrex program folder as in the default! If you do that, all set ups are lost when you re-install the program. Perhaps create a folder c:/data/amplitrex/setups/
  4. Re load the set up file you just made.
  5. CLick the button Test Setup, and enter all 300B-XLS data on the right side. That is the data from the TUBE BOX. So plate voltage, plate current, Grid voltage and transconductance.
  6. CLick the button Limits, and add the limits for the 300B-XLS, that is 60 Watt dissipation, and 120mA.
  7. Then click Setup, and Save, and the set up is finished!
  8. Click Setup, Open, and the 300B-XLS set up should appear.
  9. Click the button "Function" and choose only "noise test"
  10. Switch on the heater and wait one minute.
  11. Press "Start" to start the test.
  12. Strangely, the following is not shown on the PC, but only in the tester display. Observe how the tube is biasing now at 120mA. Observe 3 minutes carefully what happens, and stop the test when the current becomes more than 10% higher. If so, just restart the noise test, and you will see it stays now at 120mA.
  13. After 3 minutes, stop the noise test. Careful with the tube now, as the glass is very hot.
  14. Without waiting now, de select the noise test button, select "tube test" and press "Start".
  15. Now the tube is tested with hot anode.


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