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Important Note for non-USA users of AT1000
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When you live outside the USA, read this. Otherwise you can skip it. What is "forgotten" to warn you for, in the AT1000 manual and software, is a serious error in the software, with the country settings. It simple means, this tester is not working well outside the USA. It can make extreme errors with normal testing, and by all means it can not draw tube curves. (They will look like triangles).

So the AT1000 only works when you set the computer to USA country schedule. Which will give problems with other programs like Excel for instance. Also you need to set your PC to display numbers like: 1.22 so not 1,22. Only like that, AT1000 will work in the computer mode. It may appear to work at first, but it can make bad errors. HOWEVER changing number format and country settings is a wrong thing to do for all your other software, and the whole PC will work improperly. The solution is to set up a new account for this in windows, and use this account only for the AT1000. Here are the steps:

  1. If you have not added yet any new tubes to the database, and not created any tube setups, you can continue to the next step. Otherwise, make a copy of your own tube set up files, where ever you stored them, and make a copy of the tubedata.csv file. Do not open those files with any Microsoft program, as Microsoft will try to add Excel features to the files when you save them, and then they are corrupted. So you can copy them under Windows, but not open them.
  2. De-install (all) AT1000 software from the PC, using the windows de-installer. Delete also the Amplitrex program directory when it is still there.
  3. Now create an ADDITIONAL user account on your computer. (like when you switch on, you need to log in with your name and password). When you create the additional account, make sure you log on your computer with administrator rights, and you create the additional account with administrator rights also. After you have created this additional account, open it, set the country to USA, and set it to display numbers like: 1.22 so not 1,22.
  4. Install ALL AT1000 Software using the additional account, using the install CD.
  5. Re-install the "RS232 to USB" cable driver, if you have such a cable, and it if doesn't seem to work in the new user account.
  6. After you have done so, you can log on your computer with this new account, and do tube testing here. Time, numbers and date will be shown USA format, leave that as it is.
  7. Overwrite the new installed tubedata.csv file with your back up version, if you had one. Otherwise you can leave it as is.
  8. When you want to use you PC the normal way, change to you normal account (no need to re-boot, you can just switch accounts)


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